Location research is a complex subject. We enable the targeted evaluation of location data according to your individual needs.

  • Company consulting

    Get an overview of the site risks and opportunities to know which one is suitable for your project.

  • Real estate market

    Communicate location advantages and disadvantages to your clients.

  • Urban development

    Analyze neighborhoods to identify strengths and weaknesses of a development.

To the use cases

Citywalx helps companies and individuals make informed location decisions to optimize the benefits of locations in their environment. We collect available data, process it, and share it in a form customized to the user.


In addition, we are working on algorithmic solutions to create location profiles that help companies determine which location factors are most critical to their local success.


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  • Browser tool

    Get access to our easy-to-use web application and customize your content. With the export function you can organize your results clearly in a PDF.

  • Plug in

    Integrate individual components of our interface into your own website. You are free to choose what content you want to show and what design the user interface should have.

  • Api integration

    Link our datasets to your own system. Configure your individual API access for needs-based integration into your product.

To the solutions

If you are interested in the development of our tools or if you see potential for cooperation, feel free to contact us.

Anton Schellong, CEO



+43 681 84 666 894





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