Citywalx is a data science startup founded in 2020 in Vienna. With the help of scientific methods, we develop tools to make location analysis accessible to a wide range of use cases. In direct cooperation with our customers, we work on tailor-made solutions from simple browser applications and plugins to api integrations.

Our spezialized team and a network of experts ensure a multidisciplinary approach to our work.

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  • Citywalx-CEO-Anton-Schellong

    Anton Schellong

    Co-Founder, CEO

  • Citywalx-CTO-Christian-Knauth

    Christian Knauth

    Co-Founder, CTO

  • Citywalx-CPO-Jonas-Wiel

    Jonas Wiel

    Co-Founder, Head of Product

  • Citywalx-CFO-Constantin-Dallman

    Constantin Dallmann


  • Citywalx-Data-Science-Amelie-Firmberger

    Amelie Frimberger

    Data Science

  • Citywalx-Development-Nicklas-Sedlock

    Nicklas Sedlock


  • Citywalx-Marketing-Rafael-Feurstein

    Raphael Feurstein

    Marketing & Sales