The use of our service offers you advantages in a wide variety of use cases. Some are listed here.

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Real estate brokerage

  • Improve your capabilities to analyze locations
  • Complement the information on your offers to add value to your customers 
  • Expand your market insights and understand how the urban environment will evolve in the future

Real estate investment

  • Create or support investment strategies by specifying where to build, buy, rent or sell
  • Analyze existing portfolios to determine where to hold, sell and actively invest
  • Provide an improved view of the real estate market and its forecast development

Property development

  • Find the ideal location for a specific development
  • Predict the potential future value of the development
  • Understand market behavior to estimate what to build and where

Business development

  • Find the optimized location to reach your customers
  • Shorten your supply chains with the right business location
  • Find access to renewable energies

Public Planning

  • Analyze demographic backgrounds by the use of statistical data
  • Evaluate the distribution of and access to social services
  • Support your strategies with the help of data

Apartment search

  • Find the ideal neighborhood to live in
  • Live near your most important spots in the city
  • Minimize commuting and your daily routes to services